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Dead Heat

I’d never even heard of Dead Heat, so thanks to aLeXiS for putting this little gem on my radar! I’m actually surprised that it’s not considered a zombie classic. I mean, it stars Treat Williams, Joe Piscopo, Vincent Price… there’s … Continue reading

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Exclusive Review – The Walking Dead: Days Gone By

We have laid eyes on the very first episode of AMC’s brand new series The Walking Dead, and it is truly awesome! From the opening scene to the frighteningly claustrophobic finale… this premiere episode delivers on its promise, and lives … Continue reading

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I must have watched Quarantine just a little too soon after seeing [Rec]. Because, unfortunately all i could do while watching it was compare the two. I’m not as vehemently opposed to remakes as i used to be. I actually … Continue reading

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Yakuza: Of The End Trailer

Here’s an eight minute trailer for Sega’s upcoming PS3 exclusive zombie epic Yakuza: Of The End. Well, i guess technically it’s called 龍が如く Of the End because it’s a Japanese game. And if you can actually read that, then you’ll … Continue reading

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Special Surprise This Friday!

This is the last week of our annual zombie movie marathon. Thanks to everyone for making our first year at WordPress a huge success. But Zombie-Thon: October 2010 isn’t over yet… and holy smokes, do we have a special surprise … Continue reading

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Zombie Women Of Satan

Hey kids, do you like bloody, half-naked zombie chicks? Well, if you do Zombie Women Of Satan has you covered! This low budget mess throws everything in the mix and hopes for the best. There’s burlesque performers, clowns, an evil … Continue reading

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Sears Website Goes Zombie!

Sears official website has gone full zombie for the Halloween season! They’ve got brains in refrigerators, jewelry displayed on body parts and blood stained washing machines. But the best section has got to be the videos! While there is an … Continue reading

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