Zom-B-Rama Invades Monroeville Mall

Next month the infamous Monroeville Mall will host Zom-B-Rama; a zombie carnival and costume pageant featuring zombie games, prizes and celebrity guests! The event will be hosted by Ken Foree, star of Dawn Of The Dead, and kicks off at 10am on October 23rd.

From the official website:

The carnival is Coming to Town…but it’s not quite right! This carnival is overrun with the living dead. Of course what better place for a living dead carnival than the world famous Monroeville Mall, the zombie mecca of the world , and home of the original Dawn of the Dead! Also coming to town, but very much alive (he did survive the Dawn outbreak in the mall in 1978,) is actor Ken Foree to serve as our host for the greatest costume pageant Monroeville has ever seen. Valuable prizes will be awarded for many categories with top prize being the crowning of Zombie King and Queen 2010.

Presented by Monroeville Zombies and City Of The Dead, this is sure to be a fun time. So, if you’re zombie-minded, watch out! Big time zombie action is finally here, at Monroeville Mall.

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