Knott’s Scary Farm Opens Friday; Features Zombie Thriller Dancers

If you live on the west coast, chances are that you’ve heard of Knott’s Berry Farm; a family friendly theme park located in Buena Park, California. Well, this Friday it becomes Knott’s Scary Farm!

Knott’s Scary Farm is preparing for the witching season, the annual opening of the world’s largest Halloween celebration in the world – Knott’s Halloween Haunt. Starting September 24 and running for 27 horrifying nights the typically family friendly theme park will transform itself for its willing victims into 160-acres of sheer terror.

This year one of their many events is an experience like no other. The highly infectious “Virus Z” has turned the entire town into zombies, and hordes of bloodthirsty corpses roam the small town in search of fresh meat. Help has arrived, but they are not on a rescue mission – they are here to wall off the entire town from civilization. Good luck!

I’ve also heard a rumor that Thrill The World will be part of the opening festivities. So what is Thrill The World?

Well, they’re a group of people who dress like zombies and dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The Los Angeles chapter has reportedly gathered one hundred participants for Friday night’s event!

It should be a fun evening. If you plan on attending be sure to arrive at Knott’s Calico Square by 5pm as the event kicks off early.

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