The Walking Dead Book 5

The Walking Dead is simply one of the best zombie comic books out there right now. It’s a brilliant series that has manged to stay engaging and exciting since it’s debut in 2003.

Personally, i’ve only been following Robert Kirkman’s story of life after the zombie apocalypse for the last three years with each release of these beautiful hardcover editions.

Picking up almost immediately after the horrible massacre that ended the previous collection, Book 5 presents two story arcs: “Here We Remain” and “What We Become.”

While i definitely find the long delay between each release frustrating, i actually prefer the convenience of reading the storylines at my own pace. Of course i’m perpetually behind readers of the monthly comics, but these amazing hardcover editions help make it worth the wait!

If you’re new to The Walking Dead these are a great introduction. And if you already read and enjoy the comics, these hardcover editions are a great way to collect the entire series.

The Walking Dead Book 5
Available at

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