Star Wars Death Trooper

This is what i’m talking about! Just how awesome are these zombie Stormtrooper statues? They’re so ridiculously awesome that they may actually be worth the eighty dollar price tag. In fact, i’ve already placed my preorder!

Gentle Giant comes through with two amazing mini busts this November based on the Death Troopers novel written by Joe Schreiber. Apparently even the Star Wars universe can’t resist the modern zombie craze; and the world of little collectible statues is all the better for it!

There are actually two versions of this bust available for preorder right now. The one with the exposed face is an online exclusive, while the less gruesome one will be available at most online retailers. Well, online retailers that cater to geeky toys and collectibles… like Entertainment Earth for example, where you can score a free copy of the graphic novel with your order.

Star Wars: Death Troopers
Available at

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