Subject 1025 -The Babysitter

Yeah, yeah, yeah… i play with dolls. Very funny. Actually, i’ve been collecting toys for years. But recently i’ve slowed down a bit and became a little more particular about my purchases. Speaking of which, anyone wanna’ buy a case of Star Wars: Episode 1 action figures? Anyone? Yeah, i didn’t think so.

Anyway, i came across The Babysitter here via a great blog called COOL TOY REVIEW. They’ve been reviewing all of Sideshow Collectibles’ new zombie toys, and auctioned a few of them off recently. Which is how i ended up with The Babysitter.

The Dead series is filled with little generic characters like “the businessman” or “the doctor.” But The Babysitter caught my eye because of her funny little accessories. The little death metal CD is classic. But according to her grade card, yearbook and detention slip she went to the same school as me! Although i don’t remember ever seeing her around. We must’ve hung out in different circles or something.

If you want all the little details like scale, edition number, points of articulation or whatever… be sure to visit the photo archive at COOL TOY REVIEW. And if you want to buy one for yourself, you might try Sideshow Collectibles.

*Original photography by D. Martin Myatt of COOL TOY REVIEW*
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