Best New Zombie Tales, Vol. 1

I don’t read much fiction in general, so i’m not exactly steeped in the world of zombie literature. But i do have a Kindle, and i do enjoy downloading lots of free samples… which is how i stumbled across Best New Zombie Tales, Vol. 1.

James Roy Daley has collected a wide variety of zombie stories for the first volume of his series. He’s got slow zombies, fast zombies, even a zombie squirrel! Admittedly, i haven’t had time to read every story… but that’s the beauty of an anthology; you can skip around at your leisure and pick the stories that appeal to you.

Of course, that’s also the drawback of reading Best New Zombie Tales on a Kindle. Occasionally you get a poorly formatted book and, unfortunately, that’s the case here. There’s no interactive table of contents, so either you read ’em all in order or manually forward through each page. But, for only about three bucks i can deal with that!

With crap like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies filling the bookshelves these days, zombie fans might appreciate a diverse collection of short stories like this. And with so many to choose from, you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

Best New Zombie Tales (Vol. 1)
Available at

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