Zombie Wars

I’m not sure if i even have to mention that this was another low budget film… unless you know otherwise, it’s just kind of assumed by now, right? Anyway, that didn’t stop Zombie Wars from being very ambitious. You could almost see it being made on the scale of Battlefield Earth, or at least a SyFy exclusive movie.

It has a Planet Of The Apes vibe, where the zombies have actually enslaved humans and breed them for food. I think the movie actually says this is only about 50years after some kind of zombie apocalypse, though. And that’s kinda’ weird because there are no cities, the rebels are trained from birth, and the slave humans are practically feral and have no language. But i digress…

Best Scene: The finale assault on the zombie camp has a few good deaths. I’m surprised how nearly every soldier manages to get a perfect head shot every time.

Worst Scene: The “big ending” is so anti-climatic it’s pathetic.

Girlfriend Material: Would you take a feral blonde as your girlfriend? I mean, you’d have to teach her how to talk and use a fork and stuff. And dinner parties would probably be awkward for awhile. But there might be some benefits too. I’m kind of up in the air personally.

Zombie Wars
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One Response to Zombie Wars

  1. pwntalive says:

    So its Day Breakers for Zombies?
    Does it has muscle cars and Willem Dafoe? No?
    Then i dont care.

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