American Zombie

This is a faux, social-justice type documentary on zombies, or “revenants” as they’re called in the film. It’s actually really good, and kind of goes off in a lot of different directions but manages to pull it all together to make one pretty great film.

Like a real documentary it follows a number of individuals in their daily lives as revenants. Unlike the more feral zombies though, these are high-functioning revenants who live and work in Los Angeles area. There’s a skater-slacker type who produces an underground ‘zine from which the documentary takes it’s title, a hippie-dippy artist who’s desperate to learn about her past, and a social worker who agitates for zombie rights… among others. They all eventually make their way to Live Dead, a Burning Man type event for zombies only.

The documentary crew arranges for permission to film this event, but is forcefully ejected on the last night of the festival. What they learn takes the documentary in a whole new direction, and sheds light on the sinister goals of the new revenant population.

Best Scene: I enjoyed most of the interviews with the revenants. But i really enjoyed the vegan, scrapbook-making, kitty figurine collecting, happy-go-lucky asian girl who works at a juice company. She was hilarious without being obvious.

Worst Scene: There’s something of a Blair Witch moment with the crew as they’re terrorized in their tent.

180 Degrees: The film starts off pretty funny, especially with the zombie interviews. But by the end, a bigger picture begins to emerge. Things take on a more serious tone, and it’s almost depressing… and it’s also really effective.

American Zombie
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One Response to American Zombie

  1. pwntalive says:

    This looks like fun.

    If its handled well, and the make-up is good. This is an interesting premise that i could get into. My only worry would be the abrupt mood change. Like kids that only watch the first half of Full Metal Jacket, i have a problem connecting with a film that has an abrupt colour shift in the middle.

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