Zombie Hunter Rika

This is the third part of the Japanese Nihombie series, the first being Zombie Self-Defense Force followed by Attack Girls’ Swim Team Versus The Undead. Obviously i watched them a bit out of order, but they’re really only thematically related… so it doesn’t matter that much. At least, i didn’t notice anything that said otherwise. Anyway, the plot is kinda’ hard to explain… but i can give you a description of a few characters from the film:

First there’s the Number One Zombie Hunter: he’s a big muscley white dude with an internet show where he kills zombies. He wears a poncho and a cowboy hat, and uses a magical samurai sword… at least until the Zombie Master cuts off his arm.

The Zombie Master looks like an orc from Lord Of The Rings and kinda’ commands the zombie hordes from a cave somewhere. Actually, most of the zombies are too stupid to do anything complicated. So really he only commands like, one Zombie Doctor.

The Zombie Doctor is pretty normal, except he’s a zombie and wears a mask over his face to keep him from eating people. It doesn’t really work too well though, because he ends up eating most of Rika’s friends.

Rika is a regular schoolgirl who loses her arm in a zombie attack. Thankfully her senile grandfather is also a master surgeon and attaches the Number One Zombie Hunter’s severed limb to her stump… imbuing Rika with the magical zombie-killer power. And also making her look completely ridiculous.

Best Scene: One girl kinda’ falls for this sexy zombie dude, and tells him that he can, uh… have his way with her, if he lets her get away. Apparently it works, because he pushes a few other zombies aside. She gets out of the car, and they start making out as it begins to snow. I think it’s supposed to look really artsy or something. But anyway, he bites her tongue off.

Worst Scene: There’s kind of a Three Stooges scene as a few guys try to escape their little town. It’s just lame… even for this movie.

T.M.I.: Was that really just the longest “review” i’ve posted this whole month? For this movie? Really? Weak.

Zombie Hunter Rika
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One Response to Zombie Hunter Rika

  1. pwntalive says:

    I understand the overly xenophobic Japanese being into zombies, bigtime. But the addition of a sexy schoolgirl with a beefy occidental arm is very mysterious.

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