Zombie Honeymoon

Oh thank God… a really decent zombie movie for a change. This was a surprisingly effective little film that manages to strip the comedy from the romantic zombie genre. It’s still a low budget affair, but it works pretty well and i enjoyed it quite a bit. Then again, i was in the mood for almost anything other than bad Japanese zombie movies.

Anyway, the film obviously follows a newlywed couple on their honeymoon. While staying at a beach home getaway, they encounter a zombie who rises from the water and attacks them before vomiting into the young groom’s mouth. This causes him to die instantly, but he soon comes back to life in the hospital just a short while later… with the all-too-familiar zombie craving for flesh.

The movie focuses on the strain that his deteriorating condition puts on their relationship. What seems manageable at first quickly devolves into a psychological nightmare that may take its toll on the wife more dramatically than her husband.

Best Scene: The wife has something of a nervous breakdown as she tries to drown out the noise of her husband feasting on the bodies of their best friends. It’s like a less-than-zero moment where she has lost all direction and tries desperately to cope with her conflicting feelings and hopeless situation.

Worst Scene: The low budget becomes apparent when the husband brings home a cheezy, fake leg to snack on.

Based On: The film is dedicated to a young man who is pictured at his own real-life wedding. I wonder who he was, and if his death was some sort of inspiration for this film.

Zombie Honeymoon
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2 Responses to Zombie Honeymoon

  1. pwntalive says:

    I think comedy was the only thing keeping me interested in the Romantic Zombie niche. This is like a Chick Zombie Flick. Huh, Zombie films for women, what will they think of next?

    • rudeonline says:

      Heh. Yeah, the DVD art does kinda’ look like it’s trying to attract couples who go to Blockbuster together.

      It’ll get the girls because, OMG there are wedding rings on the cover! And the guys because… well, because it’s a freakin’ zombie movie.

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