Zombie Self-Defense Force

Wow, this was quite the stink bomb. It begins with a weird anti-United States rant before segueing into a shot of a UFO crashing into Mount Fuji. Apparently that causes the dead to return to life… isn’t that always the case, though? Anyway, all this havoc eventually forces a teenage singing star, a mafia nobody and a military unit into a home where they fight for their lives.

Totally a low budget affair… the floors of the home are obviously covered in clear plastic to keep the fake blood from staining the hardwood floors. The UFO looks like it was taken from Galaga, and night switches to day between shots so often it’ll make your head spin. But it does have a zombie baby, a female military cyborg and a zombified, samurai WWII officer… so that’s something.

Best Scene: The zombie baby explodes from it’s womb, zips across the house like some kind of superhero, and strangles it’s own father with it’s umbilical cord. It’s so cheezy that it definitely rivals the zombie baby from Braindead.

Worst Scene: In the middle of the cyborg-samurai sword fight, the worst CGI alien hovers out of it’s spaceship and wants to be friends.

Eh, Whatever: The ending made no sense… at all. And even though i may have been on a shitload of TheraFlu, i swear it wasn’t just me. Mount Fuji was erupting, spaceships were crashing, zombies were carrying talking heads around, the military cyborg… Well, let’s just say it was complete and utter nonsense!

Zombie Self – Defense Force
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One Response to Zombie Self-Defense Force

  1. pwntalive says:

    That trailer is utter crap, in this order
    1. the dead of japan are buried with a sheet and 2 inches of fall leaves
    2. Outer space radiation is represented with a screen wipe of “green”
    3. Removing a sword from its scabbard causes the editor to add a lens flair in post
    4. clear plastic sheeting in the house
    5. Night scenes shot during the day = 2 stops down, blue filter

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