MST3K #604 – Zombie Nightmare

A voodoo priestess brings Jon Mikl Thor back from the dead to get revenge on those who murdered him. Well, maybe not “murdered” so much as “vehicularly manslaughtered” him… and then drove away. Anyway, he gets zombified and kills people.

I don’t have the original version of this movie, so thankfully i got to watch along with Mike & The Bots. Good times.

Best Scene: Well… um, there’s… uh… hmmm… they play a Motorhead song during the opening credits. That was pretty cool.

Worst Scene: What kind of accent is that voodoo priestess trying to do? It’s like a goat woman from Jamaica or something.

Star Struck: Adam West, Jon Mikl Thor and Tia Carrere. Not exactly high-caliber talent, but kinda’ awesome in a strange way. And i’ve actually seen Thor and his band in concert a coupla’ times. They rock!

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. XV (The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy / The Girl in Lovers Lane / Zombie Nightmare / Racket Girls)
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