Shaun Of The Dead

You know it. You love it. And i think that it’s one of the best zombie movies of all time! Yeah, it’s even better than Beyonce’s new music video. And with just about a week left in October, i think i’ve realized that i most enjoy the zombie films with a little humor in them. I still love the straight forward horror, but these kinds of movies are always good for some fun.

So is that a legit genre these days then, the “zom com” or “zombedy” or whatever? I mean, there’s also the romantic zombie comedy, so is that a “rom zom com” or something? I think i want to see a science fiction zombie movie. Like… zombies on a spaceship or something. Is there such a thing yet; anyone got a recommendation?

Best Scene: “Oh! He’s got an arm off!”

Worst Scene: None that i can think of. Although beating a zombie with pool cues in sync to Queen… that scene went on a little long for the joke.

Personal Trivia: I’ve mentioned it before, but i went as Shaun for Halloween a few years back. Got mad props on the street that night!

Shaun of the Dead [Blu-ray]
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7 Responses to Shaun Of The Dead

  1. pwntalive says:

    I liked this film. But i appreciate it more for bringing Simon Pegg into the American film gamut more then as a Zombie movie. By far the best Zombedy ive ever seen, im sure i missed a lot of the “in jokes” that had real fans LOLing all the way to the ROLFcopter.

    • rudeonline says:

      Yeah, i guess this film served as my introduction to Pegg. And that led me to Spaced, which is an awesome series! But i don’t think he’s done anything on par with Shaun Of The Dead since, maybe, Hot Fuzz.

      Run Fatboy Run? How To Lose Friends? Star Trek? I don’t know… maybe when he teams up with Nick Frost next year for Paul. That sounds promising~

      • rattlemebones says:

        Hot Fuzz had its moments…Some good kill scenes. I actually bought it without even seeing it cuz of those 2 in it.

        How to Lose friends was totally disappointing…And Run, Fatboy, Run looked even worse to me so I never saw it.

  2. rattlemebones says:

    PS- One of my other favorite scenes is when they find the first zombie girl in the garden, Shaun pushes her over, she gets up, and Ed winds the camera!

    “the batman soundtrack?” “throw it.”

  3. rattlemebones says:

    PPS- “We’re coming to get you Barbara!”–ED

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