Resident Evil

A secret, underground facility is locked down after a deadly virus is released into the air. Soon afterward, a private military team is sent to investigate exactly what occurred. Instead, they find thousands of zombies waiting for them.

I was not much of a Resident Evil video game junkie when this film was released, so i went in with an open mind. And i really enjoyed it… still do. Granted the next couple films were kinda’ horrible, but i think this one is pretty sweet. It’s really slick, has a nice visual flair, and mixes horror with action and sci-fi pretty well.

Best Scene: The laser security room, hallway thing is great. Although, the weird cross-hatch surprise just doesn’t seem like it would be possible… so it’s not perfect. But overall, that’s a great scene.

Worst Scene: The CGI monster doesn’t look so hot in general, but especially when attacking one of the characters on the subway platform. I think that the rest of the film looks great visually, so bad computer graphics really stick out.

One-note actress: I hate Michelle Rodriguez and am totally sick of her generic “tough bitch” act. I was completely bummed when she showed up on LOST. Thankfully, that role ended about the same as her role in this movie: dead tough bitch.

Resident Evil [Blu-ray]
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