Night Of The Living Dead 3D

This is a sort of remake of the original film starring Sid Haig and filmed in 3D. And, uh… it’s pretty horrible. I think the fact that it was originally planned as a straight-to-DVD movie says a lot. There’s also a lot of cheezy moments for the potheads, like waving a joint around in front of the camera… in 3D! And i’m not sure that the actors ever really got together and decided whether they were going for real horror or something more campy.

Best Scene: It was fun seeing Sid Haig on-screen for the first time… early in the film when you still thought this could still turn out to be a good movie somehow.

Worst Scene: They reduced the best line of the original film to a text message.

Marketing: I actually watched the 3D version with the glasses and everything. In fact, they sold the regular version separately… so that was the only way i could watch it.  Weird, huh? I suppose i better not ever lose those crappy little cardboard glasses.

Night Of The Living Dead 3D
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