This is a pretty funny trailer. You should check it out if you usually just skip ’em.

Known for being one of the bloodiest films ever made, Braindead became a cult favorite almost immediately after being released. And if you don’t know the dangers of the dreaded Sumatran Rat-Monkey… this film may very well save your life one day.

I never really think of Braindead as a zombie movie. It always just seemed like an over-the-top monster movie to me. Technically, there are zombies and they follow the rules: they’re undead and you turn if they bite you. But there are lots of weird creatures, some sort of intestines monster, and the giant mother beast thing at the end. So it’s more like a monster movie that features zombies… kinda’.

Best Scene: How do you put an end to a zombie party? With a lawnmower of course!

Worst Scene: I didn’t need to see the Kung-Fu priest and the nurse humping a second time.

Preparation: This viewing was mostly to prepare my girlfriend for tomorrow night’s live performance of Brain-Dead Alive!!! I don’t think she had any idea what she was in for.

Dead Alive
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3 Responses to Braindead

  1. rattlemebones says:

    The good version of the film with the lawn mower scene is the unrated version right??

  2. pwntalive says:

    “I kick ass for the Lord” is epic LULz

  3. rattlemebones says:

    Thats fuckin’ A right!!!

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