Zombie Strippers

This movie stunk so bad that i actually checked the bottom of my boots. Who knew that getting zombified could be such a good business move for a stripper? Seems kinda’ gross to me, but apparently it worked out pretty well because the girls really started raking in the bucks! But, of course, once one stripper does it… they all have to do it, and everything goes to hell.

Somehow this movie managed to be both fun and boring at the same time. I actually paused it multiple times to check my email, shave, and make dinner… i usually never do that while watching a movie. Go figure.

Best Scene: Some dude thinks he’s in for a sweet lap dance, but instead the zombie stripper rips off his jaw.

Worst Scene: Jenna “Ducklips” Jameson gets the flesh ripped off her arms and legs by another jealous stripper. Actually that sounds pretty cool as i type it, but trust me… it was lame.

Set Design: Apparently Freddy Krueger likes to decorate his illegal, strip-club office with action figures.

Zombie Strippers (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]
Available at Amazon.com

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