Flight Of The Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane

Okay, so you see a title like Flight Of The Living Dead, and you hear “direct to DVD,” and maybe you think this movie is some low-budget crap. But i think you’re wrong. There’s something about this movie that’s pretty great. I’m not quite sure what it is, but there’s something that lifts it up above the muck just enough to make it a good movie.

Anyway, you’ve probably got the general concept: an experiment goes wrong, and zombies are unleashed on the passengers of a commercial flight. There are generic characters like the Tiger Woods golfer, a nun and the oversexed college kids… but they make for some great zombies later in the film, and none of them are terribly horrible actors. And, even though the plot seems like a paint-by-numbers affair, there are little touches in the cinematography, the art department and set design that give the movie that extra little boost not seen in most B-movies. Good times.

Best Scene: One of the evil scientists falls to his death, but gets tangled in the wires of the plane. As he’s hanging and gasping for air, the zombies attack en masse.

Worst Scene: Tiger Woods-guy takes a zombie’s head clean off with his golden putter.

Deeper Meaning: The zombies tear a hole in the floor of one of the aisles. Eventually a nun fights to keep a recently deceased passenger from being dragged below by the undead.

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane
Available at Amazon.com

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