Day Of The Dead

Of course this is the thematic sequel to Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead. This time we watch the inhabitants of an underground military / scientific base struggle with life in the age of zombies. Like every other Romero film, the survivors end up tearing themselves apart before the zombies ever have the chance… We get it, Romero. We get it.

This movie seems to move along very slowly even though there’s always something happening on screen. I think it’s because rather than work towards a conclusion, it prefers to work through it’s situation. I’ve always liked Day Of The Dead, and it’s an interesting film… but not the best.

Best Scene: I really like when Bub the zombie realizes that his doctor friend has been murdered. Even though it’s completely obvious that it’s being played to illicit some sympathy and emotion from the audience, it still works pretty well.

Worst Scene: Once the compound has been completely overrun by zombies, Captain Rhodes hops in a golf cart and speeds away into the tunnels… leaving his men behind. Escape-by-golf-cart just looks so ridiculous that it kinda’ kills the scene and makes you laugh instead.

That Time Of The Month: Dr. Bowman is crossing out each day during the month of October. It’s almost like she’s part of Zombie-Thon: October 2009 herself. Of course when the month is over, i get to stop watching zombies movies and she’ll still be stuck on a desert island somewhere.

Day of the Dead [Blu-ray]
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    Test comment from iPhone.

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  3. pwntalive says:

    Doubles Get comment, Safari, Mac OSX 10.6.3 (JK Firefox, Win7)

    Are you sure this isnt “Night of the Comet?”

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