Dawn Of The Dead (U.S. Theatrical Version)

This is Romero’s preferred version of his quintessential 1978 zombie survival film. If you haven’t already seen it… well, i’m not quite sure what you’re doing at a blog devoted to zombie movies!

Anyway, i recently picked up the Ultimate Edition, and i’m curious to see the infamous Argento version. Hopefully i’ll get back around to it before the end of the month.

Best Scene: I love watching Roger blast zombies as he’s pushed around the mall in a wheelbarrow.

Worst Scene: As zombies attack left and right, a raider sits down in a pharmacy and sticks his arm in a blood pressure machine for some reason.

Good Idea / Bad Idea: Clearing out the zombie corpses before they begin to rot was most definitely a good idea. However, storing them in the freezer next to all your food… including exposed, raw meat. Well, that was probably a bad idea.

Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
Available at Amazon.com

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6 Responses to Dawn Of The Dead (U.S. Theatrical Version)

  1. rattlemebones says:

    I always wondered what the fuck they were thinking when they wrote that blood pressure machine scene into the movie. Loved the remake as well! Cash worked well!!!

  2. rudeonline says:

    I watched one of the many behind-the-scenes documentaries recently, and apparently they filmed a pie throwing scene. Ya’ know… like a Three Stooges slapstick kinda’ thing.

    It’s been about a year since i watched Dawn Of The Dead, but i definitely don’t remember any pie throwing scene or i’m pretty sure that would have won “Worst Scene.” I could have just forgotten, or maybe it’s in a different version. Who knows?

    Anyway, the remake is on my list for this year’s marathon!

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