The Return Of The Living Dead

A couple guys working at a medical supply company accidentally release a zombie gas called Trioxin into the air. Soon, thanks to a zombie cremation, the poison mixes with the rain water and seeps into a nearby cemetery… reanimating most of the corpses buried there. The survivors eventually join forces with some new wave punk rockers as they battle to stay alive until help can arrive.

This is one of my favorite zombie movies of all time. It has a great sense of humor, an awesome soundtrack, and the zombies can actually run, jump, think and talk. So all of that seemed pretty new to me at the time. Plus, the punk rock chick totally gets naked for most the movie!

Best Scene: After eating the paramedics, a zombie gets on the ambulance radio and says “Send more paramedics.” And they do!

Worst Scene: The weird domestic dispute between a general and his really old looking wife.

Best Song: Surfin’ Dead by The Cramps!

Return of the Living Dead [Blu-ray] + DVD Combo
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