Return of the Living Dead Part II

A barrel of Trioxin falls off a military transport truck and unleashes the zombie nightmare in a brand new town. A little more silly than the first film, but almost as much fun, this sequel seems aimed at a younger audience. And strangely, two of the actors return to play basically the same roles despite being… well, kinda’ blown up in the last movie.

Best Scene: After getting zombified, this dude actually tries to talk his girlfriend into letting him eat her brains. And, as if she’s giving up her virginity or something, she actually lets him! Oh yeah… according to the same zombie boyfriend, apparently brains taste spicy.

Worst Scene: There’s this talking zombie head that somehow finds it’s way across town despite having no body, and she speaks with the lamest accent. I don’t know how to describe it though… kinda’ like a trashy female truck driver or something. Anyway it looks horrible, and they made no attempt to sync it with the mouth at all.

Pseudo-Guest Star: While all the zombies are getting electrocuted, a Michael Jackson zombie wanders into frame and does a little Thriller dance before dying.

Return of the Living Dead Part II
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