Automaton Transfusion

Fuck this movie! Fuck it right in the ass!

I was willing to forgive the bad acting, the nu-metal soundtrack and the horrible camerawork (was this shot on a cell phone?) But if i stick with you for the entire length of your shitty movie i deserve something more than “To Be Continued.” Yeah, that’s right… these guys had the balls to leave the audience hanging. No resolution, not even a reprieve. It felt like someone cut the film with a big ole’ pair of rusty scissors, then laughed in my face. Oh yeah… retro spoiler alert about how the movie ends and stuff.

Best Scene: Fuck this movie.

Worst Scene: Fuck this movie.

Should You Fuck This Movie: Yes. Just like that dude in SE7EN is forced to fuck that hooker with an evil, metal condom with knives and stuff on it.

Automaton Transfusion
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