Hell Of The Living Dead

Craptacular! Apparently some corporation unleashed a green cloud of something or other that turns people into zombies.

A lame SWAT team of some sort is sent to investigate, and eventually joins forces with an anthropologist and her cameraman. They roam around, doing nothing in particular, before discovering the horrible truth behind the whole mess.

Best Scene: Before heading into a village of aborigines (or a bunch of stock footage of aborigines, anyway) the female anthropologist rips open her shirt like Superman. She then proceeds to lead the SWAT team into the village wearing nothing but leaves and tribal make-up.

Worst Scene: One member of the SWAT team decides to dress up in a lime green tutu and a top hat while searching for zombies in the basement of a house.

WTF? Moment: There was so much stock footage, i had no idea which villagers were zombies and which weren’t. It definitely rivaled anything Ed Wood ever attempted.

Hell of the Living Dead
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