City Of The Living Dead

The suicide of a priest from Dunwich opens the gates of hell. And it’s up to a young psychic to close the portal before All Saint’s Day… which is apparently the deadline for this sort of thing because The Book Of Eibon said so.

Personally, i’m still on the fence as to whether these are zombies or sinister ghosts. They have supernatural powers, and tend to just kinda’ teleport somewhere and spook people. Anyway, lots of awesome scenes and tons of gore.

Best Scene: Yeah, you all think you’re just having a nice conversation. But then the windows blow open, and… maggot blizzard!

Worst Scene: The film comes seconds away from showing some deviant have sex with a blow-up doll. Seriously.

Goriest Scene: First she’s making out, then she’s getting felt up, then her eyes start to bleed, and then… she vomits up her own intestines.

City of the Living Dead [Blu-ray]
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