28 Days Later

I don’t care… this totally counts as a zombie movie. Deal with it.

Anyway, some animal liberation nuts set loose an infection that drives men into a bloodthirsty fit of rage. Twenty eight days later Cillian Murphy wakes up naked in an empty hospital and goes looking for an explanation. He finds a sort of zombie infested, post-apocalyptic London. This movie was mostly filmed on video and looks really gritty, which serves the film pretty well considering the theme and everything. Plus, 28 Days Later can go from totally quite to super-mega, wake-the-neighbors and set-off-car-alarms loud in a split second. Totally scary!

Best Scene: A single drop of blood falls directly into the eye of a hero… and infects him.

Worst Scene: Gah! I don’t want to see Cillian Murphy’s junk!

Best Death Scene: Selena doesn’t think twice about immediately hacking and bashing her pal to a bloody pulp once he’s infected. Brutal.

28 Days Later [Blu-ray]
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One Response to 28 Days Later

  1. rattlemebones says:

    My other favorite part of this movie is at the end when Jim comes back to save Selena and the lil’ chick and does so by killing the soldiers in such a fit of pure rage an adrenaline that Selena almost kills him thinking that he’s infected!

    Oh yeah, and the valium….thats another favorite part of this movie. Ha!

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