Resident Evil: Degeneration

This is a full length CG movie based on the Resident Evil games (obviously.) And, after playing RE5, it’s nice to see Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield do battle with hordes of actual zombies again… as opposed to infected villagers or whatever.

The entire movie takes place in an airport completely overrun by the undead, which really helps to create a dreadful, claustrophobic feeling: An essential ingredient for any zombie movie, in my opinion! There’s also some sort of conspiracy theory plot but, like the games themselves… everything seems to end with the Umbrella Corporation and a giant question mark.

Best Scene: The movie really kicks into game mode as Leon jumps and ducks while running from a classic Resident Evil monster. I could practically see the Quicktime prompts on the screen telling me which buttons to push.

Worst Scene: Anything with that creepy-looking little girl. Her soulless eyes are scarier than any zombie.

Funniest Scene: Zombies randomly fall to the ground as they try to exit a crashed airplane.

Resident Evil: Degeneration [Blu-ray]
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