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Musical Of The Living Dead Opens October 7th!

If you’re going to be in the Chicago area this weekend, you may want to pick up tickets for Musical Of The Living Dead! Presented by The Cowardly Scarecrow Theatre Company, this comedic blend of classic zombie films and musical … Continue reading

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Announced

Apparently even the Old West can’t escape the inevitable zombie apocalypse! If you’re a fan of Red Dead Redemption you may already know about the upcoming release of the all new Undead Nightmare Pack: The Undead Nightmare Pack will feature … Continue reading

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Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice Part Three

And once again Valve delivers with Part Three of The Sacrifice; a free online comic book featuring the cast of their second best zombie shooter. If you’ve been following along, be sure not to miss it! Make sure you also … Continue reading

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Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse Opens October 1st!

Holy crap, this sounds awesome! The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is a brand new Halloween attraction opening this weekend in Conley, Georgia. There are over 35 acres of special zombie infested areas including office buildings, a motel and an abandoned truck … Continue reading

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Death Breath: Wrath Of The Corpse

Here’s another amazing zombie-centric music video for you, this time from Swedish death metal band Death Breath. Formed by Nicke Andersson of Entombed sometime in 2005, the band continues to record and perform today! The credit sequence is particularly cool, … Continue reading

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Zom-B-Rama Invades Monroeville Mall

Next month the infamous Monroeville Mall will host Zom-B-Rama; a zombie carnival and costume pageant featuring zombie games, prizes and celebrity guests! The event will be hosted by Ken Foree, star of Dawn Of The Dead, and kicks off at … Continue reading

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Send More Paramedics: Blood Fever

As Zombie-Thon comes closer and closer each year, it becomes harder and harder to resist watching the pile of zombie movies that lay waiting. So i often turn to zombie music videos to ease the pain. And Blood Fever is … Continue reading

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GWAR Wants You To Be A Zombie!

David McKendry of Fangoria will be directing GWAR’s next music video, and he’s looking for a few good zombies. The official casting call was just released on Fangoria’s blog. And filming for Zombies, March! will take place over the next … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday!

Sorry, but you’ll have to get your zombie news somewhere else today… it’s my birthday! I’ll be out celebrating instead of blogging. And i’d be really surprised if i manage to get out of bed before noon tomorrow. So thanks … Continue reading

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